Can You Dig It?

by No

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    No's first record delivers a quirky take on punk, with it's speed injected funky rhythms and high energy. Songs of human savage regression, broken down minds, and free thinking permeate throughout. A must have.

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The 12 Song debut album by NO. It's beautiful.



released 20 July 2012

Carlo Frese - Lead vocals, guitar
Devin Graham - Bass, vocals
Dan Swiderski - Drums

Engineered by Carlo Frese
Assitant Engineering by Alex Alvandian
Mixed/Mastered by Tom Gardner
Photography by Joe McCarthy



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No Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

NO is a 3 piece high energy band from Philadelphia.

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Track Name: Dimension C
I’ve been told I was a space cadet,
but I never knew what it meant
Until I opened up my eyes,
you know I started to realize that
You can’t see eye to eye with me
and we were never meant to agree
And now it’s too late to feel worse
so it’s time to leave this earth

Cause I don’t feel the same,
we exist on a different plane
Cause the way I think and the way I feel
just cannot be explained

Dimension 3, dimension 5, you go low and I go high
I told you not to hang with me,
welcome to Dimension C

You can’t see eye to eye with me,
we were never meant to agree
And I’m so tired of feeling worse
so it’s time to leave this earth
Cause I don’t feel the same,
we exist on a different plane
And there’s no more room for me
on this place that you call earth
Track Name: Can You Dig It?
One of these solutions is none of the above
This blackhole of existance is sucking up our love

That's when the lights went out
Back to the days of quill and ink
We're more primitive than you think
Just a savage in the wilderness
Sophisticated, but helpless
A savage, that's right

Can you dig it?
Could you understand?
Can you dig it ?
Could you comprehend?

We're tumbling and we're fumbling
On this sphere that's made of stone
Cause someone has switched off the light
To a world all alone
Track Name: No
A man once came to me, he said it was destiny
And that he'd give me everything I'll ever need
But I'd have to change everything I was about
Thought he had me hooked, but I began to shout..
No, I cannot be
No, what you expect of me
No, you cannot change the way that things turn out
My future isn't written and it's you that I'll ignore
And if you can accept it, then you can find the door
Here they come again they dig in with their hooks
And feed you honest lies to try to change your outlook
It's really just a game and you are just a pawn
Cause if you individual they wanna see you gone
How can people be such fools
And just roll over when they're told to
How can people not see through
And realize this life belongs to you
Track Name: Do What You Want
There’s many things in this world,
music unheard, places unknown
But you’ll never get there if you play it safe,
even if the odds don’t look so great

Wait, did I hear you saying things
that were against the grain
Do what you want
No one is supposed to think,
supposed to act that way
You don’t want to upset
the oncoming wave ( do what you want)
Do what you want and take that chance
before it’s too late

You see that girl or that man,
the one you want to take your hand
The chance to make it happen has shown,
are you gonna stop or are you gonna go?

How you gonna grow if you don’t take a risk
following the patterns that assure you’ll never miss
How you gonna learn if you never leave the zone
of comfort that keeps to safe from facing the unknown
I say do what you want
Track Name: Enemies Of Fun
Everytime you go out someone’s telling you stop
When did everyone in this place turn into a cop?

Enemies of fun, the enemies of fun
Obedience not fun, it's the enemy of fun

Everyone’s got their problems and try to drag you down
They cover you in horseshit and turn your mouth into a frown

Maybe I don’t get it cause I don’t understand
Why everything’s so serious and you have to land
A life you’re gonna hate to dig out of the hole
And fill your empty head despite your lack of a soul
Track Name: Down Again
So now it's come to this
Oh yeah it's come to this
I'm going down slow
These blues, this black
Moved in when I turned my back
And now they've come to knock me

Down again
That feelings creeping in
Impending judgement in my head
Down again
Been a while since I don't know when
Into the darkness again

Everytime I think about
What I'll do when I get out
Those hands keep holding on to me
When I thought that the cold
Would swallow my insides whole
Pain ceased be someone I know

Wrong place, wrong time
Track Name: The Deep End
Lost, with no direction
Check my engine I could use an inspection
Cause it rattles, it shakes
I'm going faster and I got no brakes
So I fly over the deep, end
I'm in over my head
My mechanic can't no sense
Why I run around wild at my expense
I drive myself crazy when I'm alone
My head starts smokin' then it blows
When you take a closer look inside
You'll find that a few parts are not aligned
Now it's too late to fix anymore
So I guess I gotta run 'til there ain't no more
Track Name: I Don't Know
The cycle just rolls on
From mother to daughter and father to son
The hate from a past generation
Breathes life into this new one
And the fears from yesterday never really go away
So how can you expect a change
When you haven't learned from their mistakes?
Their fear is your fear
And if your scared then you won't go near
So now you struggle to understand
And realize that you never can
My generation, what are we doing
Where are we going?
I Don't Know
My generation, I'm not related
They couldn't care less
I Don't Know
Track Name: Can Kickers
Walking in these streets at night
Feeling loose, but the time is tight
To just be kicking cans in no man's land
To just be living in a world this bland
Time to see it, feel, and touch
Time for trouble 'cause it's all too much
Where would you be if their was no home?
Just floating out on your own

And can you tell me how to get there from here?

The answer seems to be what is expected
Just give up and except it
And you can kick cans just to save face
And walk around like you own this place
But you can't and you won't 'cause it's not yours
How could you never want anything more?

So can you tell me how you got there from here?

Time to see it, feel, and touch
Time for trouble 'cause it's all too much
Where would you be if there was no home
Just floating out on your own
Track Name: More Brains
Have you ever been around people
that made you question your faith in humanity?
Because the things they say just make your skin crawl
and you start to regress just being in their vicinity?

And so it goes, that the human race is beginning to go
Backwards in time, the majority has rotting minds
I believe in using my mind as weapon, but anytime that it remains unused
You’ll find the edge has become so dull it’s only a matter of time before you lose it all
Your understanding grows, your mind will start to flow
Everytime you comprehend something you didn't know
And turn that mush inside your head back into a brain
Instead of flushing your whole mind down the drain
Track Name: House Of Cards
So you’re sitting on your hands
waiting for something, waiting for someone
To make your moves for you,
but you only stand to lose
And I guess I’m guilty too,
but I don’t see the hope for me and you
Cause now it feels late to fix at all,
how can you not see the writing on the wall
The house of cards is falling down
and our kings and queens are nowhere to be found
That’s just the way they know how,
they made you feel like it would be alright now

How can you dig yourself out
when this world leaves you in a state of doubt
When you don’t know who to trust
and everything around erodes into dust
History has always tried to show
that we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace the unknown
But not let ourselves be controlled
by those who’s power is bought and sold

How do we survive
when this world’s in a perpetual nose dive
We can push beyond
and kick out those who’ve done us wrong
No more house of cards
Track Name: Close The Door
There was nothing left to lose
so I took a step outside
There were no walls out here
except the one’s inside my mind
I turned around to look
and saw the time that I threw away
But there’s nothing for me anymore
so there was no point to stay

This time it won’t come back
so what did I wait for ?
Black and white just turned to grey
This time I’ll close the door
Sometimes you have to ask yourself,
what am I doing this for?
It’s all to plain to see,
it’s time to close the door

I thought long, but am I wrong
to not want to sing that same old song
And walk the path of yesterday
after all this time there’s nothing left to say